Tommy Lee – Modern Drummer

I shot Tommy Lee shot at the end of November, 1993. I planned to shoot somewhere around his house in Westlake Village, a private community just north of Los Angeles – but beyond that I didn’t have much specific planned. (just how I liked it!) When I got there, I could see that the house had a great view, and the sky… well, it was just amazing. I wanted to shoot him playing outside, and shoot some of the portraits with the clouds. I wasn’t sure how ‘into it’ Tommy would be, though. He had recently finalized his very public divorce with Heather Locklear, and the mood was a bit somber. I think he really enjoyed the distraction, though. After shooting outside for a bit, we moved inside and shot the dark background shots (in his kitchen, fyi). I was struck by how “normal” his house was – I think I expected stripper poles and fog machines or something, but instead it was a really beautiful (and very large) home. After we were done shooting, he invited us into his home studio. I got the privilege of hearing some of the experimental tracks which would become “Planet Boom”, his contribution to the Quaternary EP released in ’94.
A couple weeks later, I revisited Tommy, but this time in the studio, to review the shots with him before they were sent off to the magazine. He was putting the final touches on “Planet Boom”. He invited me into his Chevy Tahoe to hear the nearly final track on the CD player in his car. It sounded awesome.
All in all, my time with Tommy was a great memory, one of the best.

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