Swedish Egil – KROQ

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Egil at home with his daughter Jena

“Radio stations have a responsibility to the listening community to be entertaining as well as educational. They have to do more than take manufactured hit songs and rotate them for higher ratings. But to do that, chances have to be taken. I spend a lot of time researching music and listening to the listeners to get feedback on what I can do to make the show better. Then I try, within the limits that I have, to make my show better.”

“I am lucky. I get to program part of my own show. I get two or three chances per hour to play my songs. I spend a lot of time making sure that those songs are the best for my listeners. I would never compromise the quality of my show because of what a record company or an artist tells me to play. To me, the listeners are why I’m here.”

Swedish Egil in the KROQ Studio

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