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Steve mountain bikes in the hills near his Calabasas home.

“My first pre-pubescent passion was music. The first time I saw Elvis, it was all over. I had never been so charged by anything. I didn’t feel that strongly about anything else, I had to be a part of music. I got a band, I learned guitar, I bought every record possible. I studied every note, every cord. I became obsessed with music. Then I stumbled into radio. I realized there was a way I could make a living doing what I loved so much. I could be close to the music, I could meet some of the people who make the music. I get to do all of those things and I get a paycheck at the end of the week. Well, it’s great, because I was doing all the same stuff before, just without the pay check. Radio is a business, though, and I am here to make the station money. I have no qualms about that. This has really been a wonderful thing to happen to me, I’m really grateful for it. If it ended tomorrow and it all went away, that’s OK, I’m way ahead of the game. I’ve gotten so much out of this. I’ve fulfilled so many fantasies for myself.”

Steve Downes In the KLOS Studio

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