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Damion with his dog Geezer, out for their morning run at Griffith Park

“After I got out of the military, and after I’d been sent to Harvard to study medicine, I went through twelve jobs in one year. During that year I went to clubs and listened to the radio, totally surrounding myself in rock and roll. I knew that I had to get involved in music somehow. So, I joined a band and, during the day, worked at a radio station. The radio job started taking up more time and energy and eventually took itself from there.”

“When I started, the musical formats were rigid top-40 programming. Then I moved to a more free-form, album-oriented rock station which gave me a much larger easel to paint on. Now I’ve watched the pendulum swing back to the highly stylized, highly formatted type of programming, using the same music popular in the free-form days. This style of programming will probably get us through the ninety’s, but I can see the pendulum swinging back again at the turn of the century.”

Damion In the KLSX Studio

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