Jed the Fish – KROQ

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Jed at home, composing on his keyboard

“The challenge in radio is to find jobs that are fun, because it’s gotta be fun or it’s no fun. It’s such a tightly controlled business, it’s got government control. The more money paid for a station imposes corporate control. If you can have fun inspite of those things, then that’s how to be. KROQ has a long history of having no control. KROQ now bears very little resemblance to the old KROQ except that we sometimes play some of the artists from the 70′s and early 80′s. This is the new high tech, streamlined, ultra focused alternative rock station of the 90′s. This is no nonsense, pay-off-the-loan KROQ. It’s probably the most listenable commercial station in town as far as young people are concerned. One thing about the new KROQ that I’m glad for is the feedback. I used to get very little criticism. Now there are people around me that tell me when I’m not doing a good job and people who tell me when I am doing a good job. The opportunity to grow as an on-air personality is there now when it wasn’t before. In that way, I’m grateful to the new management.”

Jed the Fish in the KROQ Studio

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