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Dusty at home, surrounded by 20 years of memories.

“A lot of things happened to me while I was at KROQ. I was leaving the station late one night. There’s a great big secluded parking lot in the back. It wasn’t too well lit, generally a pretty scary place for someone who watched too much TV. We were on the second floor. At the rear of the building was a staircase that led to the lot. In walked the jock who was supposed to relieve me. He said, “Dusty, you can’t go out there, there are a bunch of angry cats that are waiting for you.” He was going to call the cops. I looked at him and said, “No darlin’, you don’t understand, that’s not the way Dusty does things.” So, I walked out the door and stood on the landing overlooking the lot. Outside were two low-rider pickups loaded with rough looking cats with bandannas and tattoos. They were an ominous group who’d had a few too many beers. “Aren’t any of you guy’s gonna help me?” I asked. They looked up at me and my bag filled with records in silence. A couple of guys came up and started helping me carry my stuff down. So, I introduced myself and asked for a beer. We hung out on one of the flat beds for quite some time. I talked with those people as a person. I made new friends. The bottom line is that the listeners make you whatever they want to make you in their minds. Once you become a human being to them, and come off of the pedestal they put you on, not only will you not get hurt, you will learn an incredible amount about your audience.”

Dusty Street In the KLSX Studio

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