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Bob plays for three different softball teams in his spare time.

“I was a journalism major at Texas Tech University and was more fascinated with the spoken word than the printed word. I found myself in the radio department more than the journalism school, so I took a chance and shifted majors. But it was my love for music more than anything else that got me started on the air. it’s also my love for music that’s kept me around.”

“I’ve been fortunate to be a part of Rockline, a nationally syndicated music and interview show on Monday nights. There I’ve interviewed the biggest names in rock and roll. One of my most memorable experiences in radio was the first time I interviewed Paul McCartney on Rockline. I found him to be a very interesting, very captivating individual. He showed up driving a red corvette surrounded by a fleet of Limo’s. It occurred to me that he probably arranged it that way so he could get some privacy.”

Bob Coburn In the KLOS Studio

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