Poorman – KROQ

Poorman outside his Huntington Beach home

“I got my start in radio doing restaurant reviews for KROQ. I had written a couple of books called The Poor Man’s Restaurant Guide to Dining, while I was going to law school. I gave a copy to then program director, Rick Carrol. One thing led to another and the rest was history. The next thing I knew, I was doing Surf Reports, wild promotions like Burrito Day, the Taco Run, Surf and Ski Classic and of course, the KROQ Bikini Search. Being creative on the radio is what it’s all about, that’s been the key to my success.”

I also have the Loveline show Sunday nights. Egil and I started the show in 1983. Because of our past love problems, we considered ourselves the foremost authorities on love advice. Aside from the time I spilled a thirty-two ounce Coke into the console at KROQ, the Loveline shows are among the strangest times I’ve had on the air. Our all-time strangest call was from a guy who admitted that he and other party guests had sex with the family dog. Entering its seventh year, Loveline is probably the most popular feature at KROQ.”

Poorman In the KROQ Studio

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