Katy Manor – KROQ

Katy likes to spend her spare time outdoors with nature

“While studying to be a nurse at Valley College, I took a radio history class because I always loved music. I hoped to get in with the college station, but somehow I ended up in Bakersfield at Magic 98, KMGN. After four years, I thought, “Hey, I gotta get out of this, it wasn’t meant to be.” It was so weird, but I was fighting it. I realized how lucky I was, though. I’ve had a morning show, I’d worked in L.A., I’d worked in San Diego, I was having fun.”

“Having fun is the key. When I have fun, the listeners have fun. When I stop having fun I’ll get out of it because my listeners will suffer. I’ve also been lucky because I got to see the old days of KROQ. I remember Swedish Egil doing his Nyqvist exercises over the air with his listeners. I remember Molly Ringwold, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez while hundreds of fans packed the parking lot. I only lived four blocks away, so I’d just hang out because the atmosphere there was so incredible I couldn’t believe I was involved in it. I loved every minute of it.”

Katy Manor In the KROQ Studio

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9 Responses to “Katy Manor – KROQ”
  1. Kate Law ( Katy Manor) says:

    Hi Michael. It’s been a long time. My boss got a kick out of this! I’ll show my teens too.

  2. Mbloom says:

    Hey there! I’ve been trying to find you to let you know this was going up! I took a guess with your name on FB through Richards friends list. I’m so glad you got to see this! Thank you so much for helping me out way back when!!!!

  3. Kate Law ( Katy Manor) says:

    It looks great. It is weird that I should see it. I just did a shift this past weekend in San Diego at 91X radio. ( been 19 years!) . My boss was asking questions and I told him to google my name ( Katy Manor ).He got this site. I had never seen it! Wow. I am proud of you and your creativity. I have 3 kids and one of them has a real eye for photography. I am here in L.A. and am busy in sales and my number one job, raising my kids!

  4. Mbloom says:

    How cool to be back on the air (even for just a shift). I put the site up almost a year ago now (time flies). Thank you for the kind words. Photography was a great passion, and for a brief time, a cool career. I stopped shooting professionally about a year after I graduated – I succumbed to the siren song of digital design back before it was cool. And went from there. Again, it’s strange where life can take a person. What kind of sales are you doing? Raising kids is must more important than just about anything – I have an 8 year old right now, and it’s changed everything for sure. Speaking of which, bedtime coming up.

  5. Moe Adame says:

    Hello Katy. This is Moe from Bakersfield. I seriously doubt if you remember me, but a huge hello to you anyway.


  6. Kate Law says:

    Hey Moe we are friends on FB. Michael I sell plastic and a ton of it! work part-time so I can be a better mom. Today was first day of school for my 9 year old. One off to college, one in high school and one in elementary school. I love it so much. I volunteer at school and the whole ten yards. Very few know of my past. I consider myself blessed that I was a part of something so cool, but am so grateful to God that I have moved on. I feel like I am getting the whole life experience. It is not about me.
    Hope you are happily married, that truly is the ultimate challenge. Keep in touch. You simply cannot spend too much time with loved ones, especially wife and kid!

  7. Chuck Mosley says:

    Katy, you look great. I remember when you first came to work at Magic 98. You were so full of energy. You’ve done well!

  8. Kate says:


    Wow, I am so sorry I just read this. I have slowed down a bit. I need more vitamins these days. What are you up to?

    Kate Law , now

  9. Bob Austin says:

    I worked with Katy back in the mid-80′s at Magic 98 in Bakersfield. The station had a horrible signal but the music was amazing. I was in sales and several of the DJ’s went on to much bigger and better things, Katy included. Richard Blade was there as well. We were doing a Rick Carroll “Rock of the 80′s” style format that had a small but loyal following. Hope all is well with you.

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