Ed Thigpen – Modern Drummer

I photographed jazz drummer Ed Thigpen, known as the “Master of Time, Rhythm and Taste,” for Modern Drummer in late 1992 for a feature assignment. Mr. Thigpen was a very accommodating subject – I think he was expecting a photographer to show up at the rehearsal studio and snap some quick snapshots. That wasn’t quite what happened. I approached the shoot as if it was a cover story – shooting some some playing shots, some portrait shots, some color, some black and white, etc. The subsequent shots are some of my favorite – and were used by Sabian in an advertisement that ran for a while in various music publications.
Sadly, Mr. Thigpen passed away in January of 2010.

Ed Thigpen - February 1993 Modern Drummer OuttakeEd Thigpen - February 1993 Modern Drummer OuttakeEd Thigpen - Playing, Color AlternateEd Thigpen - Sabian Advert

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