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"Uncle Joe" Benson at the NHRA Winter Nationals

“I got into radio because I love music. I love the things it can do. Being in radio gives me a chance to play the music. I’ve been very lucky that the music that I grew up with, and that I’ve enjoyed and understood, is still popular today. Radio, like auto racing, is a group effort although the individual has to be strong at what he does to make the team successful. It’s only natural that my past time is related so closely to my job in that respect.”

“My books (the Uncle Joe’s record Guides), are an extension of my Seventh Day show, which has been on the air for nine years. A reference collection like this has never been attempted before, at least not like this. What it’s turned into, for the fans as well as the artists. is a collection of music history which might have been forgotten if not for these books.”

"Uncle Joe" Benson In the KLOS Studio

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