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Richard enjoying a poolside break with his dog

“Radio is healthier today than ten years ago. Then, it was coming out of a period of segregation. There were stations who wouldn’t play black music, there were stations who’d only play black music. Thanks to artists like Michael Jackson and Prince, the color bar is gone from radio. There still are musical formats, though. No pop is heard on rock stations, no rock on pop stations and the beautiful music stations will never play anything that will keep you awake. Radio became a business when Reagan deregulated it. Stations are bought and sold like real estate. KROQ’s been lucky. The people who bought us weren’t into making a quick profit. A lot of stations will be purchased and their formats will be changed simply to hike ratings, then, ‘to hell with the listeners, we want our money!’ and they’ll sell the station at a higher price.”

“I try to be a friend on the air and make my show a place for people to come to. We don’t have required listening, you know. I try to make it a place where people say, “He’s a friendly guy, he’s not that much of a dick. We’ll put up with him.”

Richard Blade in the KROQ Studio

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